Tal Maimon is an Emerging Name in Luxury Real Estate Rental Business in Los Angeles

Tal Maimon is an Emerging Name in Luxury Real Estate Rental Business in Los Angeles

We see a lot many young entrepreneurs riding waves in the market. Despite all the competition, more and more young entrepreneurs are mushrooming in the market. One such name in Los Angeles is Tal Maimon. He has been doing well in the luxury rentals and concierge business called The Maimon  Group. He is the one who founded the company and he has all the credit in creating a good and dynamic ecosystem, which benefits a lot of his clients. 

His journey started at the age of 23, when he completed his services in Israeli Navy and he headed to the United States of America to add a new beginning. He did odd jobs for his sustenance including working as a waiter and then headed to construction of a home area where he learnt a lot about the material used for the same along with getting a fair idea of finance. However, he liked the real estate world more than the construction world. He also invested in a solar company and is also the partner in it. 

In 2017, his interest in real estate led him to enter into the luxury rentals along with the concierge services. He networked different groups and individuals making it a phenomenal success in a short span of time. He just bought the domain LUXURYHOMERENTAL.COM and is predicting to grow 

his business by 300% than what he used to be. He is even planning to expanding his catalog to more than 200 properties in 2021 He helped many clients turning homeowners and allowed his business in a big way. He enjoys his work as a CEO of the company and is all set to take his business to the next level. 

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