Undeterred passion and determination have witnessed Youngmoon emerge as a top-notch DJ, internationally.

Undeterred passion and determination have witnessed Youngmoon emerge as a top-notch DJ, internationally.

Becoming the first DJ from Cyprus to set foot in Dubai, Spain, and the UK, Gencay Dokmecioglu aka DJ Youngmoon has earned global recognition.

In the entertainment industry, it is very difficult to make your mark and get recognition for a lifetime. Artists come and go, but very few keep at it and stay for a long haul. These artists drive their career with sheer grit, determination, and undeterred passion for their talent, to be successful in their art. Among them is a DJ, who has revolutionized the art with his exemplary music-mixing and the ability to play to the mood of the listeners, he is Gencay Dokmecioglu aka DJ Youngmoon.

Belonging from Cyprus, DJ Youngmoon has risen to the top of the industry, having being DJing since 2015. He is a 25-year-old who has been awarded various prestigious DJ awards. DJ Youngmoon loved to listen to music in his childhood, and always looked to experiment with it. He’d listen to different kinds of music, from around the world. Being a great dancer as well, he got to know about the profession of DJ, when he saw one at his school’s party. Since then, he was curious about it and upon further research, fell in love with it. But, this is when things got tough for him, he got no support from the people who knew him and pursued his passion of becoming a DJ against the might odds. He gave 200 percent effort and hard work and built his contacts organically. He positively reacted to the hurdles and kept working on his art relentlessly.

DJ Youngmoon’s passion and commitment to his work helped him get DJ jobs at Ayia Napa, in renowned clubs like Ambassaden Bar, Nissi Beach, Sin Club, Europe Castle Club. He moved to Dubai in 2018 for better work opportunities. His determination to be the best DJ, helped him evolve his talent, as he became DJ for Spain (Ibiza and Marbella), UK’s BBC1XTRA, and BBC Asian Network – a famous radio station in the world. His work ethic has led him to play DJ in front of 200-300 people, working the whole night till the morning. He aspires to create his own music and wishes to see 3000 people dance together on his music. After being five years into the business, DJ Youngmoon has worked with many top-notch artists and DJs and his passion for it only keeps increasing.

He is also the first DJ to play in Dubai, Spain, and the UK. DJ Youngmoon aka Gencay Dokmecioglu has displayed brilliant craft with undeterred passion, which has made him emerge as a top-notch DJ, globally. To reach out to him, follow him on Instagram @officialyoungmoon.

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