The difference between Weiner and Blogger by Elham Hosseini

The difference between Weiner and Blogger by Elham Hosseini

Elham Hosseini, a popular Iranian influencer and blogger, who is now active in the field of modeling, makeup and clothing, says: “Bloggers are people who enjoy sharing their interests or experiences with others, and they usually do it for fun. Although most of them make money by following the basics of blogging and turning their blog into a professional blog.

Recently, some blogs are only fed with video, which are called video blogs or Vlogs. Those who make videos for blogs are called vloggers.

Vine was a social network for sharing short six-second videos that was acquired by Twitter from its founders in 2012. Over time, those who posted funny and humorous videos on this social network became known as Viners.

Although this social media was shut down in 2017, the Weiner title is still used for producers of entertaining and funny videos on all social networks. In short, we can say that weiners are social network comedians who work by sharing humorous videos.

The similarity between vlogger and vlogger is that they both produce short videos for social networks, with the difference that vloggers are more focused on creating humorous and funny content, while vloggers create any type of interesting and entertaining video. . The most popular activity platforms of both groups are social networks such as YouTube and Instagram.

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