The GAFM Global Academy has Recognized Select edX Courses as a Path to Certification

The GAFM Global Academy has Recognized Select edX Courses as a Path to Certification

New professional certification opportunity. The Board of Standards will allow graduates of online courses to register for professional certifications.  Qualified graduates of select online courses with edX are now approved as certification training by our GAFM Board.

About the GAFM Board of Standards  – The Board of Standards is the 1st US Certification body to be TUV Accredited and ISO Certified 29990 for Training & ISO 9001 Certified.  Certifications can be awarded to qualified graduates.  The Board of Standards is a 20-year-old Certification body that specializes in certifications in: 1) Project Management 2) Finance Analysts and Financial Planning 3) Human Resources 4) Economics 5) Risk Management 6) Accounting 7) Management Consulting 8)  Wealth Management and Trust/Estates 9) Marketing and e-Marketing

Examples edX Certification– Here are 8 Courses that would count for Business Certification.

  1. Take the edX Intro to PM Course  to earn CIPM Certified International Project Manager ® Certification  (University of Adelaide)   
  2. Take This edX Wharton, Business Strategy: Competitive Advantage Course to become eligible for MMC Master Management Consultant® Certification
  3. Take this edX IMF Financial Analysis Course to earn the AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®  Certification
  4. Take this edX RIT, Best Practices Project Management  to earn MPM Master Project Manager ®  Certification
  5. Take the IIMB Economics Course to earn the ChE Chartered Economist  ®   Certification
  6. Take this IIMB Course to become certified as a CMA Certified Marketing Analyst™ 
  7. Take the edX Babson Accounting Course to earn AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  credential. 
  8. Take this Adelaide Risk course to become a CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®   


  1. After registering for certification, the certified member may use the Credential after their name:  Example: John Lee, AFA Accredited Financial Manager ® or Chris Lee, MPM Master Project Manager ®
  2. Our Certification Program is accredited by the TUV in Europe and ISO Certified for 29990 and 9001.
  3. Our Certification Body is in mutual recognition with the ACBSP Accreditation Agency and a Standards agreement with the CHEA Council on Higher Education.

Accreditation and Certification Registration

  • Please Register after completing your MOOC Course Listed Above at
  • Go to the GAFM website, contact us with your course completion digital certificate, and you will become eligible to register for certification. Email to
  • The Board of Standards is the only US Certification body to have certification legal agreements on standards with the ACBSP Accreditation Agency, The Arab Academy of the Arab League, The CHEA QG, along with having Accreditation from the TUV in the EU which is not subject to BREXIT.

Disclaimer:  Some courses have a fee and some may even be free. Some courses and providers offer excellent subscription programs for great prices.   Those who successfully complete a course may apply for certification after showing good-faith completion of the requirements of the course, experience, education, and agree to CE and Continuing Education.  Certification requires registration and payment of certification or designation fee. The GAFM does not endorse or recognize directly any school, professor, or group nor has the GAFM received any direct endorsement from the course providers or professors. 

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