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The journey of Chad change Movement

The journey of Chad change Movement

Da-chad is a leader, motivator, influencer, supporter, and founder of this chad change movement. Through the social media platforms,Da-chad found a place where he tells his story of pain and hopes to other people.As every person have a story that makes him sad or painful and gives him a lot of experience in his life. In the same way,Da-chad has learned a lot of experiences in his life.He also faced a hard time in his life that went through.The purpose of sharing this story is only to save the lives of other people who are facing these types of situations.

He leaves his medical profession and makes his career in social media to influence and support other people. At the start of his career in social media, he received very painful news. He was in the dance class where he heard the news that his younger daughter wasdiagnosed with leukemia.After hearing these words from the doctor, he started crying like a baby because it was a very depressed and hard time for him, and could not sleep for many nights.

This all happens in the covid so only his wife and he allowed in the Hospital for the blood transfusion and chemotherapy. From all these hurdles and challenges he got a lot of experiences in his life. He holds his daughter so tightly in his hand as he can feel the pain of his younger daughter.

Due to these hurdles and challenges, then living the life of poverty, the death of his former wife and after all that hearing the news of her daughter changed him. These hurdles bring him to the side of positivity in life. Therefore, he started to motivate and influence other people who face the same problems that he faces in his life. He uses social media to start this movement. He supports the groups through online platforms and saves their life.According to the estimate, about 300 people are joining this movement. This movement aims to inspire and motivate the people facing a challenging time and show them the positive side of life.

These groups are safe as everyone can share and express their feelings with them. They can express struggle,abuse,sexual harassment, cancer, parenting, suicide,addictions, and many more. People who are suffering from depression and pain can join this group and change their life.

The purpose of this movement is to promote kindness,happiness, and positivity to other people.Everyone faces problems and hurdles in life same as the Da-chad but the good thing is that to overcome it and to become strong and empower in life.He created this movement only to support different families and charities.Da-chad makes life easy for people through his leadership skills and support.He brings the people back to their feet so they can enjoy their lives and promote positivity in life.

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