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Pune, Maharashtra, 2nd May 2020 – Dalgona Media House announced today that the premiere issue of Dalgona Magazine will be released on 1st May 2020 and will have a distribution of 60,000+ online subscribers, distributed through major magazine aggregators, and email newsletters to more than 5000 users.

The magazine will mainly highlight people who are considered as influencers in their respective fields. So these people can be anyone who and making a dent in the society with their exceptional work. These people are social media influencer from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc., also these people are famous YouTubers, and entrepreneurs. Businessmen and Businesswomen who are making and mark in the industry and are truly inspirational to many.

The Magazine will also feature news worthy topics from the Business, Health, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Fashion Industry. Dalgona Magazine will publish interviews, tips, tricks, life hacks from industry experts. The magazine will be released on a midnight of 1st May 2020 basis and will be targeted at teens as well as business decision makers, fashion models as well as Healthcare experts.

The Editor of the Magazine Pareesh Phulkar says, “Dalgona Magazine’s prime purpose is hightlighting the works of those people who sometimes just need a little push so that they can showcase their marvellous work the world”

More information about the Dalgona magazine can be found at their website,

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