The life of Antony Rossi and his earnings in the thousands

The life of Antony Rossi and his earnings in the thousands

Boy from Bari, born in 1997, who at the age of 25 owns his own training company and enables people of all ages to achieve the same goals.

At the age of fourteen, he discovered a passion and since then he has been able to achieve bigger goals than he could have ever imagined on his own.

He started this journey by studying independently and then attending a technical institute until he obtained a master’s degree in technical analysis of financial markets, which certifies expertise in trading and finance, signed by the Italian treasurer and the technical-scientific committee on issuance.

This online trading work is often mistaken for a scam, but Antony is a testament that it is a real job based on extensive studies and analysis.

However, the convenience of working from home does not mean the absence of commitment and effort. In fact, even psychologically, the burden is significant. One must consider money as a number and not as a mass of currency, otherwise it could lead to dependence on trading.

Online trading is a method of investing, buying or selling financial securities via the internet, which can be stocks, currencies, bonds, options, or others.

It is suitable for those who want to invest their money wisely, without letting inflation diminish the purchasing power of the money itself.

Currently, Antony manages a training company where, thanks to his 10 years of experience and his results, he trains people of all ages who want to achieve profits or extra income in the financial markets.

Trading is to be considered a full-fledged entrepreneurial activity, as also defined by the civil code of our legal system.

With his passion, Antony has come to have two accounts under management worth half a million in 2023, and three others worth several thousands, in order to diversify his operational methods in the market.

Furthermore, this business is considered a group venture as his entire ecosystem and team are dedicated to providing the best services to their audience in an excellent manner.

Antony’s company also offers the possibility (after completing his courses and in a very limited manner) of having trading accounts under their management worth several thousands of euros, allowing clients to attempt to independently apply what has been taught.

There are imposed limits, of course, but always with the client’s gain in mind, unlike many other competitors of Antony.

His future goal is to establish his presence at the Italian level and make people understand that trading is a profession that can truly improve people’s lives, as has already been seen, and to make them believe that it is used for earning a living, not for scamming vulnerable individuals.

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