The Neighborhood Talk: Keeping the Conversation and the Fun Going Amid the Pandemic

The Neighborhood Talk: Keeping the Conversation and the Fun Going Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone. Due to the enforced health protocols, people are discouraged from meeting up and seeing each other – cutting off in-person social interactions and raising stress levels worldwide. Improving the situation, The Neighborhood Talk releases humorous articles to keep the conversation and the fun going everywhere.

Created by Kyle Anfernee Simpson, The Neighborhood Talk is a new urban blog that has stolen both the laughter and the hearts of countless celebrities and industry leaders. Its sarcastic humor and well-written articles receive a whopping over 34 million impressions per week and more than a million weekly profile visits.

Before this success, however, the popular urban blog was merely an idea that Kyle was molding into a creative outlet. After losing his job at one of the world’s biggest urban blogs, the inspirational creative felt down. He knew that he would struggle to find the artistic freedom he used to have and always wanted.

Seeing no other way out, he started The Neighborhood Talk. “I took the tools and skills I developed while working for my previous employer and decided to start my own blog and bet on myself.”

To say that the blog was a good idea would be an understatement. With millions of views worldwide, including those from elite and exclusive circles, The Neighborhood Talk shapes up to be the leading urban blog of the decade.

“What sets us apart from our competition is our sarcastic captions. We try to add humor in everything we do, and that’s something that our followers have constantly pointed out,” Kyle revealed.

Among the exciting reviews that The Neighborhood Talk has received, mention the new urban blog’s witty captions. A user commented, “y’all are undefeated when it comes to these captions.”

Seconding that thought, another, seemingly in a fit of laughter, shared, “you all are going to get me fired from my job because I can’t stop laughing at the captions.”

With the blog’s unique brand of incorporating humor into political, health-related, sports, and celebrity news, it is interesting to note that the writers behind these entertaining and informative articles are still in school.

“We’re taking college students and putting them right where they want to be,” Kyle Simpson shares. “They write and publish their own articles, as well as cover major red carpet events with high profile celebrities.”

Along with brushing shoulders with high profile individuals and top personalities, the humorous blog ensures that its writers enjoy the same artistic freedom that Kyle Simpson longed for – resulting in a fun environment that encourages growth.

Under Kyle’s management, this growth has soared beyond expectations and has landed The Neighborhood Talk several features on well-loved shows. Among these shows are The Real on Fox, Wendy Williams, E! News, and Dish Nation, even securing its own segment on Fox’s Good Morning Atlanta.

With appearances in these shows under its belt, Kyle Simpson’s new urban blog raises the standard for online media outlets everywhere. Simultaneously entertaining and informing people, the new urban blog keeps the conversation and the fun going all around the world.

Have a good laugh today and check out The Neighborhood Talk. Scroll through its extensive archives or reach out to the talented Kyle Simpson on the new urban blog’s official website.

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