The Overnight Sensation StaJe Has Big Names Talking!

The Overnight Sensation StaJe Has Big Names Talking!

One minute he’s working at a local Mercedes-Benz dealership to now having access to Grammy award winners. StaJes story to stardom is quite the interesting one. We would have to go back to 2016 where he met an industry executive on set that changed his life forever. Ex Fox Searchlight President Claudia Lewis reaches out to the unknown artist at the time. Flew him out to California to help him pursue his dreams to being an actor. Seeing as though she could open many doors for him he was given multiple small roles over a couple years. Just as he was getting close to the big break he was waiting on, he received a call one night that his brother has been shot multiple times. “This really broke me”, the artist states in a previous interview.

After a few months of taken care of his oldest brother in South Carolina, who lived through this ordeal, he decided to move back to Los Angeles to focus on music. He got himself a job working at a Mercedes-Benz dealership to accommodate his spendings on his music. “It was a crazy time dealing with at home issues but still trying to make it for my family” he states in regards to a question on his mental toughness. As he worked at Mercedes-Benz he met his manager Andy Jin who immediately took him under his wings. “He sold me a car and told me he did music. I asked to hear his stuff and he had nothing. He sang for me live and I knew instantly this kid had something special”. Soon after he would go on to feature in 2 singles “War” and “Gutter B” with local Watts rapper Goddi. While still slanging cars he managed to put out his own EP “Poetry” which tested to be a very solid project in the European market.

After releasing his EP he instantly went into the studio and finished up a collab album with Goddi called Gang Green. The album has been a buzz since its debut. He is now in the works of given us an R&B EP this summer. One of the singles from that EP is Redlight which caught the attention of Interscope Records A&R Edgar Machuca and Erika Kane. Not to mention how most of these major labels are in hopes that the star signs with them. “I talk with A&Rs almost daily right now. They just want to hear the next new project I’m working”.

StaJe will be given us 3 singles between now and mid summer. He released the name of one which is Jimmy Choos”. I’m very excited about this project! I’ve worked with Grammy award winning engineer David Kim Young and have set feet in the same studio the late Nipsey Hussle used daily. I’m humbled and can’t wait for whatever is coming my way”.
We plan on being there the whole way through.

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