Servanity: Homelessness is a decision. Kanye 2.0?

Servanity: Homelessness is a decision. Kanye 2.0?

We all remember the uproar when Kanye West said that slavery was a decision.

He quickly apologised about the controversial comment but the damage was done.

Artist Servanity is known for similar far fetched controversial comments and it seems this time she may have gone too far.

In England there are a number of night shelters, hostels and businesses offering support to assist someone from rough sleeping into a more stable life. 

“Speaking as someone who was once homeless, has slept in numerous hostels and shelters; I had to fight to get myself into a hostel, fight to get long term accommodation and fight to get simple things that most with stable accomodation take for granted. 

Not everyone is willing or mentally able to go through that fight. Sometimes long term homelessness is a decision, many would rather sleep rough than jump through the systematic draining hoops and barriers society has in place”.

While there are a number of shelters and supporting businesses in place, the UK homelessness crisis continues to rise. This is a sensitive topic and many would have appreciated it if Servanity took this into consideration.

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