The story of an entrepreneur who became a millionaire in 20s, Ahmed Mukhtar

The story of an entrepreneur who became a millionaire in 20s, Ahmed Mukhtar

Ahmed Mukhtar, the President and Co-founder of NeXarise is a serial marketing leader based in London UK.

He started his network marketing business at the age of 24 and within 3 years build a massive distribution of over 21,000 distributors. He has been able to successfully build a business which expands in 21 countries.

Ahmed was raised in North West London. His family was struggling financially and being successful was the only choice he had. He started with a journey with being a retail manager at M&S and later decided to get involved in the industry of Network Marketing. He worked hard on himself to reach where he is today. “ At the end of every day, I would look back and ask myself, did I give that day everything I had”, Ahmed remarked.

Ahmed is a young hardworking man with a dynamic personality which makes him different within his industry. He faced rejection, doubters, naysayers and haters but kept working on himself, invested time in attending conventions, seminars and never missed a business training.

He has been able to attain complete financial freedom. He spends time with his family, travels the world and helps people achieve their goals.

When asked him for advice for people just starting, he said, “Take the leap of faith. Believe in yourself and until you try. You would never know.” He looks forward to making NeXarise a worth over 100 million dollars. His purpose in life is to stay relevant, keep working hard and help people grow.

A few tips he wants to share with people who are choosing their career,

Find something you love.

Find something that will grow you.

Find something that you can advance in.

Find something that can give you financial freedom.

Work on you

Work hard

Give it your 100%

Put people first

Never quit, no matter how hard it gets.

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