Chalet Lizette Brannan Sheds Light on Several Upcoming Projects in 2020 and Beyond

Chalet Lizette Brannan Sheds Light on Several Upcoming Projects in 2020 and Beyond

There are whirlwind careers, and then there’s the one enjoyed by Chalet Lizette Brannan. All of 15 years old, she already boasts the sort of portfolio that would grace actresses three times her age. The star of ‘Crepitus’ and ‘Tinker’ has already won and been nominated for an impressive array of awards, and if that wasn’t enough, she has earned renown for battling cancer and winning.

Brannan’s work ethic and tenacity are matched by her ambition. For the young Philippine/American from Florida, there’s no such thing as a gap between projects. When one ends, she immediately throws herself into the next with all the enthusiasm of a person who truly loves their work. This year may have proved to be somewhat of a challenging one for the movie and TV industry, but for Brannan, 2020 was an extremely productive one, and 2021 looks set to be even busier.

 “I’m not happy unless I’m working; it’s as simple as that,” explained Brannan, whose love for acting is apparent in her award-winning character portrayals. “I’m so grateful to the opportunities I’ve been given so far, and am so excited about several upcoming projects.

Having just wrapped up a cameo role in ‘Batman: Dying Is Easy’, fans will also be able to catch Brannan in action on the small screen in action-packed Mafia TV drama, ‘For Nothing.’ Everyone loves a tale about gangsters and their intrigues, and ‘For Nothing’ looks set to be a classic. It has also allowed Brannan to play one of her most intriguing roles to date, as she explained, “I play a teen who’s torn between having one foot in the normal world and one foot in the Mafia underworld. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of tension and conflict involved, and I really enjoyed the role.”

Brannan is currently enjoying a spell in the Star Trek universe and filming the film ‘Renegades: Ominara” alongside the fantastic Walter Koenig and Jackie Jacobson from Netflix’s Malibu Beach. Brannan revealed, “It’s great to be part of something which means so much to so many people. The film is also notable because it is the legendary Nichelle Nichols’s final journey upon a starship. Fans are going to love it.”

And if playing the lead role of Princess Tiger Lily in a huge animated production of ‘Peter Pan Land of Forever’ wasn’t enough, Brannan is set to embark on another major project in early 2021, when she begins filming psychological thriller ‘Hemloch Manor’ which will feature such heavy-hitters as Val Kilmer and Michael Madsen.

It’s a hectic schedule, but one which Brannan thrives upon. The ambitious actress explained, “I’m constantly looking for bigger challenges and more interesting roles, and as an eternal optimist, I’m always excited to see what’s around the next corner.”

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