The Supreme DJ Preme

The Supreme DJ Preme

Supreme Jones is more than just a DJ, and his track record shows just why his name is so fitting. DJ Preme has been a part of the music industry since he was about 12 or 13-years-old. He started out as a hype man for Miss Nana and eventually become a disk jockey that touring artists and club venues have relied on for years. DJ Preme explains that his life mantra is “love is love.” This is a simple phrase that Preme believes everyone should live by. If you are always happy then remain happy because it seems easier to spread hate than it does to spread love. Essentially, one must emit love into the atmosphere in order for it to reciprocate. One simply showing love on a minor scale ultimately has a greater positive impact on the world as a whole. Preme has noticed that many artists excel in random places before they find any success in their hometowns, but individuals showing one another love remains priceless. Preme sometimes writes “love is love” in the margins of a notebook page merely because the phrase puts him in a positive mindset.

DJ Preme mentions that it is also crucial that folks treat one another with respect, and you must give respect to garner it. There may come a time when an individual tests your decency with a level of disrespect. Preme explains that sometimes it is best to respond with one’s own level of disrespect merely to level the playing field and implement fairness. Preme’s advice still reverts to his life mantra “love is love.” Always treat people the way you want to be treated, but never let somebody attempt to take advantage of you.

Preme asserts that his mother and his 3-year-old daughter are the main motivating forces in his life. Although he did not have a close relationship with his father, Preme’s mother has been involved in everything he has done since he was a baby and has supported him. For the past 3 years, every decision that Preme has made has been in conscious regard of his beloved daughter. He has been able to build a solid foundation for his daughter to be the best person that she can one day be.

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