An Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt

An Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt

Fifty years ago, we could not have imagined how rapidly technology would evolve. But software developers have entered their golden age. Industry leaders like Jack Dorsey, James Gosling, and Rishab Bhatt continue to explore and innovate. Here to give us some insight into the world of software development is the entrepreneur and founder of Simple.Savr, Rishab Bhatt.

Rishab, what can you tell us about working in digital software development?

One thing I like to remind people of is that our industry is actually very young. It wasn’t until 1940 that we started to see computers that resemble those of modern-day. And now, we’re all walking around with smartphones! So I always recommend that people looking to get into software development learn our short but exciting history. And once you know the history, learn the language. Because of its increasing popularity, you can learn necessary code online, at school, or even at weekend boot camps.

You refer to computer coding as a “language.” Can you expand on that?

Yes, of course. I find it really helpful to think of computer code as a written language because that’s basically what it is. I also believe it’s some of the best advice you can get as a new software developer. Think of it this way – when you write a book, does it come out perfectly the first time? No, the first time, you just hope to capture the main ideas, and you are also limited to how good your writing skills are. Coding is similar; the more practice you get, the better you are at improving your application’s speed and effectiveness.

Software innovation has expanded so much in the last fifty years. What can we expect from the future?

It’s true; digital software development has changed the world so much in such a short time. And this is what makes me optimistic and excited about the future. Think of all the world’s problems that we could solve using digital software! One of my personal goals is to use my web development skills to coordinate with global charities and make sure every person on the planet has safe drinking water. This is the scale I’m talking about – we can address some of the world’s biggest problems this way.

These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything. But for insight on software development, it helps to go straight to the source.

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