Thousands of People Have Lost Weight with the Help of Healthy Emmie’s Innovative Plant-Based Nutrition Program

Thousands of People Have Lost Weight with the Help of Healthy Emmie’s Innovative Plant-Based Nutrition Program

Every year, people struggle with finding effective ways to lose weight, often trying various programs and methods, yet seeing no results. Many weight loss programs don’t provide long-lasting results and typically do not focus enough on educating people about nutrition. Each person has a different body with different needs, and not enough weight loss programs recognize that each individual may require personalized programs.

Emmie Keefe, now referred to as Healthy Emmie, was a teacher facing difficulty around understanding nutrition and how to live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. She wanted to find a way to lose weight permanently without resorting to crash diets and extreme, unrealistic fitness routines. After extensive research, Healthy Emmie had discovered that plant-based eating and a positive mindset was the ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Healthy Emmie has found happiness and fulfillment through her newfound relationship with nutrition and has set out to share her secrets to success with people around the world.

In January of 2019, Healthy Emmie founded the Slim on Starch Program, a personalized coaching program featuring a step-by-step guide to plant-based nutrition and motivating support groups. With the Slim on Starch Program, each participant is assigned a nutrition coach and a mindset coach explicitly chosen to support their individual needs. This innovative plant-based nutrition program has been widely successful in helping people achieve their weight loss and health goals.

“With the help of my program, thousands of people have seen long-term results they can see and feel during their weight loss journey,” shared Healthy Emmie, founder of Slim on Starch. “I wanted to help people avoid the years of frustration, stress, and confusion that I once dealt with when trying to improve my health. By creating a program that emphasizes the importance of mindset as well as the importance of nutrition, I have been able to help people reach their goals of healthy living and happiness through plant-based eating.”

Healthy Emmie’s revolutionary weight loss program makes healthy living more accessible with a plant-based diet and mindset makeover. By changing their mindset towards food, participants in the program often see long-term weight loss results. The one-on-one coaching and support groups help keep participants accountable while providing organic motivation during their journey to healthy living. Healthy Emmie engages in bi-weekly calls with each participant to keep them on the right track and moving towards their health goals. Participants also have access to the mobile application to track their calories and receive progress reviews from Healthy Emmie and her team of nutritional experts. 

In addition to the success of her revolutionary weight loss program, Healthy Emmie has also gathered a following of hundreds of thousands of people on her social media accounts, where she shares tips and tricks to plant-based eating.

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