TruTrade.IO is Revolutionizing Retail Trading with the Power of Automation

TruTrade.IO is Revolutionizing Retail Trading with the Power of Automation

Many people dream of the lavish lifestyles that the suits on Wall Street get to live, but it seems that very few would actually care to pursue a career as a trader. In reality, trading on the stock market is a stressful and unpredictable job that requires extensive education, experience, and time, resources that many people lack access to. These are some of the most common barriers to entry for the stock market. There are ways to overcome a lack of education – books, online courses, seminars and symposiums – but time and experience can’t be purchased. However, as TruTrade.IO points out, they can be automated and streamlined. TruTrade.IO has developed an algorithmic trading software to help retail traders take the next step in their careers.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Retail Trading Success

Every market is unpredictable, from futures to FOREX to equities. It can be said that the only certainty for traders is uncertainty. The markets are subject to an ever-shifting vortex of factors that push it one way, and then another, making it near-impossible to predict. TruTrade.IO states that automated software can incorporate proven strategies and account for many more variables than we can keep in our heads.

Many retail traders have families and careers to worry about, giving them less time to further their financial education and familiarize themselves with complex trading techniques. Due to its intensive nature, TruTrade.IO claims that manual trading may not be the best option for retail traders. However, automated software can incorporate professional strategies into every decision it makes, reducing the burden on traders while minimizing risk and uncertainty.

Developing a Never-Before-Seen Algorithmic Trading Software

After a long and comprehensive market research process, TruTrade.IO has developed a software with the same level of expertise as a professional stock market trader. “We’re opening the gates to the stock market so that retail and novice traders can get a piece of the action,” the company states. “Our institutional-grade trading software can benefit traders in any market on one convenient platform.”

To truly level the playing field, TruTrade.IO used secret trading strategies (many of them completely unknown to the public) to develop the software. The company claims that knowledge should belong to everyone, especially to those it would benefit most; it shouldn’t be reserved for those that already benefit from it.

Risk management is a key part of the software’s construction. “Risk is a deciding factor in every move that traders make,” TruTrade.IO says. “To address this, we designed DRAMM, a dynamic risk management module.” With DRAMM, TruTrade.IO’s software manages an array of complex money management strategies. “This allows retail traders to trade more realistically, an advantage over other retail trading systems.”

Minimizing drawdowns, or declines in portfolios, and increasing the accumulation of equity were prioritized. “We accomplish this by empowering retail traders with the ability to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes,” the company explains. “The software is very systematic and incorporates multiple bar-types and timeframes.” 

TruTrade.IO was built for the benefit of all types of traders, no matter the market or level of experience. The software’s adjustability allows seasoned traders to take an active role in their trading, while novice traders can let the expert algorithm guide their decisions. Settings can be adjusted to fit the user’s personal preferences for risk tolerance and investment style.

TruTrade.IO adds that its post-purchase clients can also enjoy the benefits of having bot-add-ons. “These help to prevent slippage and help you to take advantage of any market condition.”

TruTrade.IO is Revolutionizing Retail Trading with the Power of Automation

Though traders will never be rid of indecision and uncertainty, it can be minimized with the right tools. Automation is proving useful in a wide variety of fields, and now, it has the ability to revolutionize the field of retail trading. TruTrade.IO will continue to explore the benefits of this technology and seek new and innovative applications for its use.

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