Tyler Boswel – Turning inexperienced youth with no coding know-how into ace app creators.

Tyler Boswel – Turning inexperienced youth with no coding know-how into ace app creators.

His expertise in creating innovative apps with no coding framework has got him vast recognition.

Tyler Boswel is a name that is shining bright owing to his outstanding contribution around the coding and app creation space. He is one industry expert who has helped a number of youngsters with no prior coding experience create some wonderful apps, resulting in them raking in the moolah. So far, his mentorship has helped people make more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s interesting to know that the man himself is all of 20, and has achieved a lot more than anyone ever expected from him.

His intense knowledge about coding and creating apps has earned him wide recognition. His name to fame comes in the form of three apps which made more than 1.5 million dollars within a span of one year, which gained him instant recognition amongst industry experts. His apps have found their way onto Google Play Store and Apple Store. The early success that he got pushed him to move further by launching a mentorship program that delved on the subject of creating apps without much coding, and the best part about this program is that people with no prior coding experience can also learn to create their own apps.

No wonder, his App Formula Masterclass, gained popularity with many students signing up to be a part of it. The kind of knowledge his students have been gaining has helped them start their journeys from a scratch, as they have been able to create their own revenue generating apps at the end of the program. Tyler recalls how in a bid to become financially independent, he started selling things to his school batch mates, a passion which later developed into a full-fledged drop-shipping business. During that period he met his mentor who taught him how to make money with apps, and that kick-started his journey into this space.

Today, Tyler Boswel is a known name who has pushed the careers of many to dizzying heights through his teachings. “I want to spread my knowledge about this wonderful space as much as I can and want people to turn into revenue generating machines in no time,” says the expert.

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