Vandera Bridges the Gap Between Crypto and Stock Trading

Vandera Bridges the Gap Between Crypto and Stock Trading

Vandera offers wide trading opportunities for all traders with any skills and experience. One of the main peculiarities of the platform is an opportunity to store balances either in USD.

While the number of trading platforms is growing, the same is happening to the competitiveness in this sphere. Now to stand out from the crowd, a trading platform should offer really beneficial terms for traders and unique features. Nevertheless, with the right approach and good vision, it is possible. Vandera is an excellent example of a platform that can become a choice for both first-time and experienced traders.

Recently Vandera has introduced a new customer dashboard. One of the peculiarities of their updates is a possibility for traders to store their balances in USD, and also in-built trading signals, which makes trading easier for clients.

For traders afraid of Bitcoin price fluctuations, this solution will help them keep their balance stable.

In such a case, even the wildest fluctuations won’t be a threat to your funds.

In other words, traders can enjoy leveraged trading with their BTC but at the same time, they have an opportunity to protect their funds from losing the value due to price fluctuations. It means that Vandera provides its clients with a flexibility that has not been seen on other platforms.

Today traders are preoccupied with the fact that they can’t preserve their anonymity on many platforms. Vandera supports 100% anonymous trading accounts. The system does not collect metadata on its users. AML and KYC procedures are applied only in case of card payments via Vandera’s payment provider. The accounts are protected with 2FA which ensures an additional layer of security.

Though Vandera allows deposits by BTC, trading balances are shown in USD

Vandera offers for trading 5 cryptocurrency Futures, 50  stocks. The requirement for a minimum of a deposit is 250USD. And as for withdrawals, you can withdraw funds starting from $50.

But it is still not the end of the benefits that Vandera can ensure for its customers. A professional support team that is able to help 24 hours per day 7 days per week and same-day withdrawal approvals are among other advantages that you may get if you decide to try out trading via the Vandera platform.

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