We are in this together says upcoming fashion label of India – WeIN, a tough competitor to Shein with its 100% Indian made apparels

We are in this together says upcoming fashion label of India – WeIN, a tough competitor to Shein with its 100% Indian made apparels

WeIn comes as a breather as an affordable and comfortable clothing line, especially for those who miss Shein.

It came as a sudden decision by the government of India to ban as good as 59 Chinese apps recently to save the sovereignty of the country from the threats posed by the applications. As soon as this development took place, many apps which Indians were dependent on heavily disappeared overnight. This made possible some tremendous positive changes in India as a whole as it opened up doors for many Indian businesses to flourish and turn their ordinary companies into brands. The fashion industry was no behind, after banning Shein, many Indian fashion labels came forward, but the one that stood out and is now seen as a potential competitor to Shein and an excellent alternative to the brand is WeIN. 

WeIN is 100% made in India clothing line which has the potential to conquer the market which was already occupied by Shein all these years, thanks to the exquisite collection of apparels that WeIN would be offering at their online store with varied styles and fresh clothing. They would also be catering to plus-size individuals who would not need to go anywhere else to scout for their most comfy outfits offered with a combination of vibrant colour choices and fabric. They have named the plus-size section as “PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“ which would offer apparel in sizes till XXL.

The Indian made fashion label is working on the concept of redefining fashion all over again with the touch of Indianness to their clothing and prove people that India has the potential to create anything and everything that could score high success rates for the country in terms of business and economy.

WeIN is determined to make its name synonymous as the best quality affordably rated clothing line. It is working towards making India much more independent by offering fashion at modest rates and making it available for every household. They are keeping no stone unturned as becoming a huge fashion clothing brand so that every individual’s demand gets fulfilled when it comes to fashion-forward yet comfortable clothing.

They would also be offering loyalty points system to make their customers feel important and give them back something in return. Currently focusing on the target audience of 16-24 years old women, they also would be paying attention to serve the apparel needs of men.

The launching of WeIN is likely to happen in the middle of August this year and its emergence is a positive sign that it will benefit India on business perspectives and employment opportunities as well as fulfill the hunger of many fashionistas and people carving for comfy outfits at pocket-friendly rates. To get more updates about them, follow them now on Instagram –

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