What is success? Looking at success from the perspective of Ali Haji Mohammadi, famous Iranian entrepreneur

What is success? Looking at success from the perspective of Ali Haji Mohammadi, famous Iranian entrepreneur

The definition of success

To you, success is the inside feeling toward your beliefs and expectations, and no one but you can understand it. Others can’t tell despite your feelings, whether you are happy and successful or not. The main feature of being successful is having goals. Afterward, choosing the right and appropriate path is necessary. Everyone is at the helm of their life, and when you think right, set goals, and detect suitable ways, your domination on your life will lead you to prosperity.

Success means liberating dictated and old definitions, avoiding efforts to please people, living for your desires and expectations, and being careless about passive happiness, and concentrating on activities pushing you forward.  

Who is successful?

A person who develops and grows in all dimensions, not only one, is successful. Remember that a person with positive attitudes and the right beliefs can reach that level of growth. Negative thoughts always stand against your wishes and goals. These thoughts may root in your childhood time and mislead you to a destination where you don’t like to be. So, one of the reasons that stop people from reaching their goals, even by making a lot of efforts, is this negative way of thinking.  

The characteristic of successful people

Setting goals

Some people strangely want to become something without any attempt. This is like cycling without biking and destination, you will get nowhere. To be successful in this way, first, you must liberate living in the past and think about your future. Then start setting goals for yourself. 

Understanding and compatibility

Most of the annoyances and failures are because of these misunderstandings. You must learn that for dealing with issues, first, know about them and then make decisions. Most people think that others must have as same perspective as theirs toward an event while each individual has a different attitude and reaction to an occurrence. It’s hard to believe, but most of the time, people don’t mean to annoy you or hate you, and they act according to their understanding. We should see our flaws and faults. If you see people from this point of view, the level of understanding and compatibility with others will be improved.

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