Which Dimmable Switch Is Right For You?

Which Dimmable Switch Is Right For You?

It is crucial, yet challenging, to select the appropriate dimmer for different bulb and capsule light types. Various atmospheres can be achieved by adjusting the brightness of the lights in a room using a dimmer. 

Using a dimmer on your lights is a great way to save money on energy costs and get more use out of your bulbs. The following guide will explain the various dimmer switch options and their benefits.

 A Variety Of Light Bulbs

It’s crucial to consider the bulbs you’ll be utilising when selecting a dimmer switch for your home. Non-dimmable light bulbs will not function on a dimmable circuit, while dimmable light bulbs will.

If you’re looking for a dimmable light bulb, check the box or online listings to ensure. Create the ideal ambience in any room of your house by pairing the proper light bulb with a dimmer switch.

 Various Dimmers

It’s easy to assume that all dimmer switches work the same way, but there are two distinct types: leading edge and trailing edge. It’s crucial to know the difference between these two types of dimmers because your lighting setup will be affected by your decision.

Unlike trailing-edge dimmers, leading-edge dimmers operate on the leading edge of the input waveform to lower the A/C cycle. Trailing edge dimmers are preferred when dealing with low-voltage electronic transformers (ELV) with capacitive loads on the primary circuit. This contrasts with the more prevalent use of leading-edge dimmers.

A Simple Lighting Improvement

Adding dimmer switch capabilities to an existing lighting system is a straightforward job that can be accomplished by practically any do-it-yourself homeowner with a few common household items. 

These are direct plug-and-play replacements for conventional light switches and suit ordinary electrical boxes. When dealing with electricity, always take the necessary precautions. If you need to, contact an electrician and turn off the main breaker.

 With the help of light dimmer switches, you can easily set the ambience in your home by adjusting the brightness of the lights. Products with advanced functions, such as remote controls, faders, and fan switches, are among the various types of dimmers on the market.


Once you’ve determined your preferred lighting method, check that the wattage of your bulbs is appropriate for your switch. However, the number of bulbs controlled by a single dimmer is also something to consider. 

There is a common misconception that more LED bulbs using a fraction of the wattage of an incandescent may be used with the same incandescent dimmer. 

Using more LEDs than incandescent on a dimmer will merely render the dimmer ineffective due to inrush current, the maximum, instantaneous input current drawn by electrical equipment when initially turned on.


There are many factors to think about while installing light dimmer switches. The overall load must be calculated, and the proper light bulb and dimmer must be selected. 

Given all these considerations, it takes work to determine which switch is best for your house. But make sure you only shop at trustworthy places like IndoAsian.


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