Writing and listening to music helps me with PTSD – American Journalist Luis Jorge Rios

Writing and listening to music helps me with PTSD – American Journalist Luis Jorge Rios

News and articles related to conflicts, natural disaster events, and violence largely influence the world. The need for effective means to cope with mental and emotional conditions like PTSD becomes important, especially for war veterans. American Journalist Luis Jorge Rios (from his own insightful experience) throws light on how hobbies like listening to music help with PTSD. Let’s delve. 

Music heals

Luis understands very well the effects of PTSD on both individuals and communities. He even realizes that they can be profound and long-lasting. It’s because Luis is a war veteran himself and has experienced trauma during his combat days. Now he helps celebrities, billionaires, and other individuals overcome PTSD through his powerful interviews and sessions, which he calls – Journalism coaching therapy. 

One of the things that he wants people to discover and know is this – Music can be one of the best healers to alleviate and eventually cancel out the effects of PTSD. He shares, “This is my personal experience. I write and listen to a lot of music, which helps me to relax and combat PTSD.”

Luis finds writing and listening to music more potent than any other means. To support his statement, he points to scientific evidence that proves that music can be a potent means to help treat PTSD neurologically. 

When asked to elaborate, Luis says, “PTSD has a negative impact on these regions – hippocampus, amygdala, and prefrontal cortex. Creative activities like writing and listening to music positively stimulate these areas. This activates neurogenesis which reconditions the brain back to its healthy functioning.”

Luis also shares that music has a therapeutic intervention that helps to heal PTSD. There is enough evidence to establish that people with PTSD can significantly benefit from music as a therapy. Luis wants people to realize how music can restore mental and emotional health. 

Given his experience and proven track record in effective coaching, the advice of Luis Jorge Rios is well worth considering.

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