Young Entrepreneur Caleb Boxx Born with Business Sense

Young Entrepreneur Caleb Boxx Born with Business Sense

Imagine an 11-year old creating a Minecraft server and creating special Minecraft benefits. Now imagine that the 11-year old charges other children to pay to play with him so that they can use those special Minecraft benefits. That’s exactly what Caleb Boxx,  today a 19-year old entrepreneur earning $20,000 a month, did when he was 11, and it was his first taste at profiting from a business – and he was instantly hooked. 

The entrepreneur is the spearhead behind YouTube Automation, a business model that is essentially a YouTube formula with the goal of optimizing the number of subscribers. In total, YouTube Automation is the management and model responsible for 3 million subscribers and 400 million views on multiple YouTube channels. He has worked with some of the biggest YouTube stars with millions of subscribers.

Caleb Boxx, found at @calebboxx, who first started to think of business ideas and endeavors when he was just six years old, says that he believes coming into business at such a young age has made him look at it as a game – it’s fun, challenging, and something that is done with the view to beat out all the competition and come out as the best. 

Which is what Caleb has already achieved, and is constantly working towards. How has he achieved it? 

At the age of 16, Caleb dropped out of high school. He had just quit his job at a fast-food restaurant near Kansas City, MO. Living in a small town in the mid-west, Caleb was constantly surrounded and taught that his life should follow a certain path and structure: go to school, get a 9-to-5 working job. That was it, the vision and plan laid out for him.

Caleb followed it to a certain point, knowing that he wanted something different. But when he was 16, that’s when he decided to risk it and do what he believed was best for him: venture forth and try his absolute best within the business and YouTube worlds.

Upon quitting his job, he made a commitment to his father – whom he credits for showing him a strong work ethic and the competitive side of business – that he would try for six months. Six months to try to make it, to learn as much as he could, and to get a stable salary. If he didn’t make it, then it would be back to school. So he did.

After quitting with only $200 in his bank account, Caleb found a YouTuber who gained a million subscribers in just 3 months. Caleb knew that this was a guy who knew YouTubing. Caleb donated $200 to his channel and sent him a message. 

The message was pretty striking, as Caleb told him that it was all of his money and to please get on the call. He got the call, and Caleb says he essentially begged him, begged him to allow Caleb the shot to learn. He gave Caleb the shot.

 Caleb says this is where his intense work ethic came in. He gave it his all – actually his all, not just saying he would – and tunnel focused on his vision, and on priorities. Caleb would wake up before 5:00 AM each morning, working until nighttime, and hardly having a social life. The YouTuber was so impressed and decided to add Caleb to group calls to other YouTubers. 

The group broke down YouTube, particularly the analytics of YouTube. It got to a point where Caleb could craft a formula for YouTube. Because of his work ethic, he became a mastermind of his, which Caleb says is super important. Why? as the master of his craft, he has become invaluable.

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