5 reasons why you get better returns from SEO than social media investment

5 reasons why you get better returns from SEO than social media investment

When planning traffic strategy for your website in 2020, you will be right to include strategy for social media and search engine. However, if push comes to shove, and you have to choose between investing in search engine optimisation or social media, which is the best one to choose?

Without a doubt, you should invest in search engine marketing, here are some of the reasons why you will be wise to spend your tight budget on search marketing, as oppose to social media marketing.

1.Result from search traffic last longer

If you put some work into optimizing a website or a web page, and it ranks well in search engine result page. You could receive traffic for many years. At Haba Naija website, a specialist information site for Nigeria. Some of the pages have been bringing in steady search engine traffic for over seven years.

2.Search engine marketing is cheaper

When you analyse return on investment, of money invested in search engine marketing versus money invested in influencer marketing, you will find out that search engine marketing brings better returns.

3.Search marketing is a slow and steady race

It takes time for search engine traffic to start coming to a new website or web page. But when the traffic start coming, it is a continuous stream. With traffic from social media, you get a huge amount of traffic and buzz, should one of you posts go viral. After that, traffic basically stops. That was the experience Nigerian portal found out, when their social traffic and search engine traffic was compared.

4.You can make changes again and again

When you create a page, optimise and promote it using search engine marketing. If you need to make changes to the page, no problems. Just load up your editing tool and make the changes. Sometime updating a page even help it rank higher in search engines. With social media contents, you cannot do that. Even if you did, it will make no difference to your traffic.

5.Search engine content is like one ring to rule them all

When you write a content on your blog or website and optimise it for search engine, it will rank well in Google and Bing. On the other hand, with social media, you can to produce different format for each social media platform. Making you task time consuming, this final point is one of the reason most search marketers find SEO easier than social media marketing,

Though this article flagged up the advantages of search engine marketing over social media marketing. There are also many advantages social media marketing has over search engine marketing.

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