Antoine de Bujadoux’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a leading director and filmmaker

Antoine de Bujadoux’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a leading director and filmmaker

Filmmaking is a field that changes with time but still stays new. The past two decades have seen long strides in the technology of filmmaking, but the focus on art has not lessened. Filmmakers around the world experiment and practice with new media styles, while at the same time, ensure that a fundamental message is imparted through their works. Most filmmakers dedicate their lives to helping others through the medium of films. Antoine de Bujadoux is one such filmmaker. Despite a family background in films, he began his journey from humble beginnings to become one of France’s leading directors.

Antoine’s father is a famous music composer in France.So from a very young age, he was familiar with the world of cinema. “We spent the holidays in my youth with actor Gérard Jugnot, so I was part of that world ever since I was a young boy,” said Antoine. But it wasn’t easy. Getting into the world of cinema proved to be a challenge for Antoine who first went to business school to study the importance of growth in the creative industry. “It took me the better part of the decade to expand my profile and enter the world of cinema. Now, after nearly 5 years, I can handle multiple projects.”

“Aesthetics and humor play are of significance in my films. I get job satisfaction when my movies bring laughter to my audience and please their eye. Then I consider my work done,” said Antoine. Humor in any given situation adds to the emotion in Antoine’s work. His latest work reflects this. “Un Vrai Film de Boules” (A Real Film About Balls) has already garnered special attention for its artistic and humorous, yet educational take on the subject of testicular cancer and prostate cancer. “I shot the two spots of the film for Movember to raise awareness for men’s health. It was difficult, which is why I am pleased with my efforts,” added Antoine. He also owns a social media business but he likes to focus on his work in his films.

Antoine’s work has already been viewed a few million times on YouTube. The way he captured the message of his film proves his talent.

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