Gian Pietro Beltrando: From Entrepreneur to Influencer, for Entrepreneurs

Gian Pietro Beltrando: From Entrepreneur to Influencer, for Entrepreneurs

An Italian entrepreneur, he began to take an interest in the financial world and entered the business world at the age of 18.

Today the 24-year-old entrepreneur is the actual owner of his finance structured company, helping people diversify their incomes and propel them towards entrepreneurship. He also helps all the people who follow him on social media such as Instagram to undertake a path like the one that he had.

Gian Pietro states:

“The idea was born in 2016 and was launched in 2018, leveraging on important returns that I was able to obtain monthly. It was not easy, my team and I worked for months and months over fifteen hours a day. ” Beltrando tells us.

“We currently follow more than four hundred small and large investors, who diversify their income by relying on us in complete serenity. We guide each member of our team from the opening of the account to the investment so that they always have the right training and assistance along the way. We routinely boast returns ranging from 5 to 35% month in a certified way with historians talking.”

We follow a limited number of people to guarantee them and us maximum transparency and professionalism.”

Through Instagram, I show what this lifestyle can give and I motivate everyone to do the best “

Find out more about Gian Pietro through his official Instagram:

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