AR Base “No Plague” Coming Soon!

AR Base “No Plague” Coming Soon!

AR Base’s latest track “No Plague,” is set to be released on April 20, 2020 as a follow up to his single “Double Blessing.”  

A timely response to the panic surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, “No Plague” delivers a lyrical vaccination against all fear.  Based on the Psalms, AR Base reassures that even though bad news is spreading contagiously, we don’t have to live in fear because God has promised to protect us. With the catchy chorus, “No plague can come my way” on repeat, faith will be transformed into a shield around you.

In collaboration with famed Producer Shawn Hibbler, the single’s innovative sound brings a unique mix of Lo-fi elements mixed with Soul, R&B, and some Hip-Hop bass throughout. Previously working as a Producer for AR Base’s “Grievous Words” off the album Press On, Shawn’s work helped to throw light on the track that was selected by Spotify’s Editorial Fresh Gospel Playlist. With this power team together again on AR Base’s latest track, “No Plague” is sure to spread its infectious beat and uplifting message world-wide.




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