Bobby’s Drawings: What People Say About Bobby’s Drawings

Bobby’s Drawings: What People Say About Bobby’s Drawings

If there’s one thing you cherish it’s probably your family, but what happens when your family is inaccessible, they’re somewhere else in the world or you just can’t reach them in the current time? COVID-19 has been a difficult time for many people. We’re self isolating, it’s harder to see the people we love, and we’re constantly worried about each other’s safety.

One creative drawing service in the U.S.. Bobby’s Drawings, is changing the game for people who feel lonely during these uncertain times. Bobby’s Drawings isn’t just selling ink-on-paper. Bobby runs a company specializing in hand-drawn portraits, and they aren’t your regular drawings either. Bobby’s Drawings creates portraits of your loved-ones and even your pets to bring people together in drawings who can’t be together in real life.

When we asked Bobby to describe his business, he said, “Bobby’s Drawings brings together the people you love. This company means more than just a business to me. It’s about the people we love, the people we miss and the people who never got to see each other in real life.”

Bobby’s Drawings started because Bobby had a passion for art. He started the company in 2015 after being laid off from his previous job as a customer service worker. Bobby had always been an artistic person, practicing art all his life. He wanted to use art to change the lives of others, and with newfound time on his hands, he did just that.

Bobby decided to provide hand-drawn portraits of family members and loved ones across the U.S. so that they could be united within drawings.

Bobby has been running his business for over five years and now leads a team of over 150 artists. Bobby maintains a personal connection with his clients through their orders, and does his best to reach them on an emotional level. His artists try to capture the energy of the people they feature in their portraits.

Bobby’s Drawings has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews on his Facebook page from people from all walks of life who are looking to have their family portraits drawn. The care and attention to detail provided by Bobby’s Drawings makes all the difference. A bespoke customer experience is at the heart of everything Bobby does and he’s happy to bring a smile to people’s faces, even if there’s the occasional (happy) tear in there once in a while.

Learn more about Bobby’s Drawings by reading his latest feature on IMCGrupo:

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