Dilawar Singh – Know the Journey that made him the Person He is Today

Dilawar Singh – Know the Journey that made him the Person He is Today

Singh is not just a great sports trainer, but also a network marketer & a co-owner of five different businesses.

Some people come from backgrounds that teach them the quality of learning everything, preparing early in life for their careers & have the vision to achieve their goals in life. Dilawar Singh had a family background that first taught him about sportsmanship as he belonged to a sports family & encouraged him to learn as many things in life to implement them & achieve his dreams. Throughout his academic career from school to college, Singh grew up in different countries like India, Norway & Germany. This made him learn five languages, as well.

Since sports was all around him as a child, Singh decided to make a career as a sports teacher & studied from Hamburg, Germany to attain a degree in the same. Life was never easy for him, as every day he used to study in the morning & in the evenings did different jobs or trainings where he used to get only 6 hours of sleep daily. But, this hard work made him a sports teacher & the first-month salary he received was something he took pride in. However, very soon Singh realized that getting satisfied only as a sports teacher won’t make him achieve his bigger goals in life. He never wanted people to consider him as an average person & so simultaneously; he started working in the network marketing industry.

Although the field was very new to him, Singh learnt new things at every opportunity he got & tried to excel in the industry. Even after failing at the start, Singh continued his journey & understood that only the failures can be a stepping stone in giving him his desired success. He explains to others that you can only have two things in your life, reasons and results. Hence, choose hard work & run behind results.

The first small success in the industry he received was through a person who contacted him on social media. He offered him an opportunity related to his sports career. After pushing himself more towards the next level & working even harder, soon he turned into an entrepreneur co-owning five different businesses spread across different fields. These companies are based on – FOREX, BROKERAGE, EXCHANGE, TRADING and BANKING & are interconnected with each other.

Omegapro ( a forex trading company also co-owned by Singh is the fastest growing company worldwide in the field. It is only a two year old firm & still has accumulated around 100000 clients worldwide & operates in more than 100 countries. By 2021 it has the possibility to grow 2 to 3 times more. Singh also co-owns OMP Money ( which is an online banking platform that has been planned to work all over the world in over 100 countries & headquartered in the UK. This platform will provide banking solutions to thousands in the coming years. The company plans to offer direct & easy access to their money via online bank accounts and personalized Mastercard under the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom.

Singh also wishes to explain to others & asks them to surround themselves with people that have the same vision because the road to success is always difficult. However, the world must also know that winners are people who never quit. And, that’s what Singh did till now; he never gave up on his dreams & kept working for it to achieve each of his goals one by one.

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