Fat Panda Tuan in the spotlight

Fat Panda Tuan in the spotlight

A stream of music comes out each day, making it challenging to keep up with new artists today. 2020 is a year that any artist can make this year sink or swim. One artist that is making a break in the music industry is Fat Panda Tuan.

From working them hard, late hours as a business manager and Uber/ Lyft driver, to chasing his dream as a talented artist. Tuan’s music strikes me as very cultural, humorous, head bobbing, you know the vibe, and definitely inspiring. His sonic stands out in today’s music and so does his Japanese themed artwork. Tuan represents the emerging music trends of both today and futuristic vocalism. Many of these upcoming musicians are new bands, pop singers or DJs who are about to have a meteoric rise, but this year Tuan will be the new upcoming rapper of 2020. Tuan isn’t in the game for self profit, he does it for the people, anyone that can relate to Tuan`s music.

One from quote from Tuan, “I want people to feel the vibes as if they’re in my studio session. I want to transfer good energy and pump them up in whatever they’re doing in their day. I want to build that connection with my audience so they not only hear but feel the words I say.”

Tuan’s new album Shinobi Tempura expresses mainly about his beliefs, and what he stands for. The cover is a female Shinobi meditating with a fat variety of foods, clouds, and samurai swords above her. Very impressed on how culturally themed the image and music really is.

“The Kitchen” talks about Tuan`s hours as the manager of the restaurant and turning it into something positive for him and his music. In the introductions to his songs its always something bizarre like the theme of Barbie in his new song “Hulu”. Tuan is far from the average rapper, I’d say Tuan is undoubtedly up next in the rapping game.



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