How Honor Society Empowers Social Change

How Honor Society Empowers Social Change

Knowledge is power. But sometimes the meaning of phrases we say often can get lost in translation. What does it truly mean that knowledge is power?

Simply, it means that the ability to learn and understand equips a student, teacher, or anyone with the power they need to change their lives and to change the lives of those around them. We live and act according to what we know, and education dictates how this knowledge flows from one person to the next. When we value education, and when we commit ourselves to helping younger generations exceed, we flourish. When we minimize education and reduce our standards, this ultimately affects students and families, and diminishes communities.

Honor Society ( is at the forefront of helping to create positive change and resources for those who need the empowering work of education. There are many who fill our communities brimming with potential and talent, who are often swayed and held back by sociological influences outside of their control. Education helps to bridge these gaps and provide opportunities for equality and social change, items at the very core of much of our national conversation.

As their website explains,

Honor Society exists to enhance academic and professional success. Our society’s goal is to help you succeed, and to connect you with the people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals. We are uncompromisingly driven by our community core values and funded by members just like you, ensuring that our sole focus is best serving our members.”

Honor Society ( is widely recognized and has chapters at numerous universities, and is considered a forefront society in the educational world. Honor Society provides endless opportunities for high-potential students and alumni, offering scholarships, discounts, test prep, career tools and more.

President of Honor Society, Mike Moradian, has been passionate about helping to effect change in these ways for years.

From Moradian’s Wikipedia page,

“In 2010, Moradian founded, a student discount site which utilizes collective buying power to negotiate discounts on behalf of its members. The next year, Moradian was accepted to Harvard Business School. He created an online poll and allowed the public to vote on whether he should attend Harvard Business School, or focus on leading his startup. The story was picked up by many media publications including AdWeek, San Francisco Gate and Washington Post. Moradian decided to not to attend HBS, opting to maintain his CEO positions at CollegeBudget and CampusBuddy… 

Moradian joined as its president and executive director in 2012.”

Moradian explains his initial involvement with Honor Society to Toolsy:

In 2012, we were presented with the opportunity to work with and take the concept of an honor society to the next level. A lot of people think that I founded Honor Society, but that is not true. 

There was an opportunity for leadership given my background and my abilities in tech, marketing and education to help Honor Society realize its full potential in the Internet world.

We took a relatively small idea and decided to focus on building it to be the largest and leading academic society in the nation.

Moradian continues,

“We connect students with opportunities to meet other people and to find prestigious positions in graduate schools and professional positions. We focus on academics, professional tools, benefits and really recognizing our members. 

It’s really a community of success . . . and more geared towards academic, professional and personal success.   

To further our philanthropic programs I helped found the Honor Society Foundation, which is a platinum rated 501(c)(3) that distributes our member scholarship program across the United States.”

Learn more about Honor Society at

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