Idrees Kickz: Rising as the number one youngest sneaker entrepreneur across Canada.

Idrees Kickz: Rising as the number one youngest sneaker entrepreneur across Canada.

His vigour and commitment have helped him become a top multiple online business owner.

It is so surreal to experience numerous talents that this world is giving birth to throughout various business industries. All those industries and their boom have one element in common, the emergence of many younger gifted minds who’ve come at the leading edge of the business industries and have put everything into creating their own niche for becoming a successful name in their respective fields. One such highly talented individual of only 19 years is Idrees Kickz, who has been shifting up the ladder of accomplishment with his ardour for shoes.

Born in 2001, Idrees Kickz comes from Toronto, Ontario. Since his formative years if something that he felt a tendency toward then it was towards entrepreneurship. The e-commerce industry was where he wished to be to become a successful young sneaker entrepreneur.

However, the achievement he has carried out today as a teenage businessman did now no longer come easily to him. Initially, Idrees Kickz began out running via way of means of shopping for and promoting things online and now stands as the owner of four online businesses that deals into sneakers, real estate, merchandise and digital space.

Collecting shoes was his hobby; however, little did he understand then that this interest might assist him in constructing a profession withinside the same industry. In the year 2015, Idreeskickz converted his interest into a full-fledged business. He started out with shopping uncommon version shoes from massive manufacturers and resold them to others with an earnings margin.

Idrees Kickz has learned concepts taking inspirations from legends like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk as he thinks that their journeys would help him in shaping his career journey. Buying and promoting shoes online quickly helped Idrees Kickz to create his brand named ‘Woiair’, that’s growing every passing day withinside the e-commerce industry promoting one of the best sneaker collection online, along with diving into many other verticals as well.

The enormous success he has achieved is because of choosing a career of his choice and working relentlessly towards making it a huge name as an under 20 multiple online businesses owner.

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