Interview with @Plug_Geo

Interview with @Plug_Geo

Houston Heffner: So what made you decide to choose this career path?

GEO: I Started when you were 17 as a diamond setter for locally acclaimed jeweler Iceman Nick, located in the Sharpstown mall alongside other jewelers, Johnny Dang and King Johnny. | A mentally reformed Drop out that chose to walk a different path for his children.

HH: Can you share a story about the funniest shit that happened when you just got in the game?

G: “Nah that shit was serious af, don’t play. Oh wait no I remember, I went to las vegas with johnny dang and we went to go deliver an $82.7k cartier skeleton to Rick Ross, (the biggest boss), when we arrived I had this jacket that kinda looked like burberry and rick ross immediately confronted me about it. He said “u gud bizness? Cuz idk if I trust people that wear fake burberry. He said don’t try to fake the style, be the style.” And then he laughed heartily and said “hah aim just fucking with you, Hey Johnny, I fuck with this kid (nods head)”

HH: What do you think makes your personal brand stick out?

  • Jean jackets – billionaire boy t-shirts with black skinny jeans and some bape shoes
  • A dedication to wake up everyday and live a rare life.
  • I make myself stand out by playing the long game, not being greedy, and holding humility above everything. I know that good business stays in business.

HH: Whats a quote that you live by?

G: It stood out to me when my mentor Johnny Dang told me “Sometimes its not always about the money, but the connections and friendshsips that come from that are valuable in the longterm 1 hundredfold “

HH: Where can People follow you?

G: My Instagram @Plug_Geo – Don’t forget I’m without question the youngest jeweler in the game.

For more information about GEO or HH follow their Instagram:
Geo: Instagram.com/plug_geo
Interviewer: instagram.com/houstonheffner

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