Kris Lal talks Curatorsocial and growth

Kris Lal talks Curatorsocial and growth

Curatorsocial is one of Australasia’s most innovative social media agencies. Since 2017 they have been servicing clients from major corporations to start ups with their social media strategy, we touched base with founder and CEO Kris Lal about www.curatorsocial.com’s journey 4 years on.

Tell us about Curatorsocial and how its grown over the last three years?

Curatorsocial is a social media marketing agency I started in 2017, it all began when a colleague of mine introduced me to Instagram. We were fortunate enough to start earlier most other agencies within our region at the time, this has given us an edge as we were viewed as experts early on which helped with growth immensely. We chose to focus on ROI, social influence, and long term strategy for brands we work with. We were saw a huge gap in the market for a tactile agency that was able to fill in the gaps for start-ups and provide real value within the space. Many larger agencies weren’t able to manoeuvre, often pricing themselves out of reach with traditional business models that simply didn’t deliver in such a new space. Curatorsocial filled that void and at pace giving us an edge and loyal customer base that trusted our engagement.

What are you doing to keep growing?

We focus on our key pillars, Diversity, Service, and ROI. Be DIVERSE in our approach to campaigns, amplify voices and different narratives through our creative and branding. Secondly SERVICE, customers come first, you are an extension of their brand and in many cases livelihoods, treat their time, efforts, spend as if it were your own always. And lastly ROI, provide unmatched value and measurable successes for your stakeholders which they can rave about to their friends, this is key!

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