King Wizard, Big Papa and Alderman – ‘The Underdogs’

King Wizard, Big Papa and Alderman – ‘The Underdogs’

“The Underdogs’ is the title of the new beat tape from the Underdog Music team, King Wizard, Big Papa and Alderman. After listening to a preview of the tape, we were excited to speak with the three creative masterminds behind this new release. We hopped on a Zoom call to chop it up and let them spill the beans.

Big Papa kicks off, his ever-present big hat filling the screen. ‘It’s been a pleasure working on this record. Stepping out from behind the scenes to work on the actual music is something I only do for a really special project. This beat tape really fit the bill.’

Why a beat tape when Underdog Music are already cutting records with some of the biggest names in trap music? Alderman replied in typically straightforward manner – ‘it’s really been a pleasure for us putting this record together, just letting the music do the talking, not having to shape everything to a vocalists taste but just letting the beats speak for themselves.’

King Wizard agrees. The often cited genius creative director of Underdog chimes in with his typically evasive yet insightful style. ‘Beats make you move. Beats are the foundation of modern music. We love songs, hooks, bars. But Underdog Music make some of the best beats in the game, no cap. And we thought it was about time to let some of those beats see the light of day on their own terms, with no external interference or influence. These beats are some of the best that we’ve ever made, and we really just wanted them to be heard in their own light, with no adornment or alteration. Just straight up dope beats, being themselves, doing what they do best – slapping the speakers and tickling your emotions. All our passion is in this tape. We’re really proud of it.’

What’s your favourite track off the record? ‘Beach House’ Papa replies instantly. ‘That piano with the up-tempo strut in the drums just does something to me’. ‘Greif for me’ says Alderman, ‘I’m usually more about the good vibe beats but that one is just special, there’s such a epic vibe to it’. King Wizard answers in typical fashion: ‘my favourite track off the record is actually the bonus track that you can only hear but hitting us up directly’. Intreaguing! Why is that? A marketing ploy? ‘We really just wanted to hold something back for the real fans. Everything on the tape is special, but this bonus track is just something else. I’m so excited to share it with our most engaged and supportive followers’.

If it’s as good as Wizard says then we’re excited to check it out too – even we weren’t privy to this fabled untitled bonus track! ‘The Underdogs’ is out in early December. It’s five out of five from us, a fantastic tape to play in the car, or to freestyle over if you’re feeling creative.

Follow the Underdogs on Instagram: @iamkingwizard @bigpapaharvey @prodbyalderman and see more magic at King Wizard’s official website http://www.kingwizard.guru

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