Nathan Khider – Does Money Make Us Happy

Nathan Khider – Does Money Make Us Happy

We caught up with serial entrepreneur Nathan Khider to find out what his motivation for making money is, was and whether or not his mindset has changed… Nathan Khider has several businesses but not all of them were born out of a desire to make money and we wanted to find out why not. Nathan said ” Growing up I truly believed that money had the power to make us happy. Seeing my parents struggle with money and the stress it brought them led me to believe from an early age that money solved all problems. I can understand why people without money would think that money would make them happy and it’s easy for me to say it doesn’t, however it doesn’t necessarily make us sad either.

Money for me is a tool to do good for those around me and what I mean by that is that I try to find solutions that will help people in all walks of life. I started my first business when I was 18 with the aim of helping those with a lack of time to find a suitable home or investment to buy and I can tell you now that when I was 20 I was earning more money than I have ever had. It sounds like I’m complaining and believe me I’m not, but I can honestly say that it wasn’t making me happy. The truth is, I didn’t know why I wanted to make money other than to buy expensive cars and watches just to please others. I’m the first to admit that I love nice cars and watches but buying something to impress someone else is a dangerous mindset to have and you can’t please everyone. Trying to impress other people is an expensive business and gaining popularity because you have money doesn’t last. When I lost everything and became homeless, I then quickly realised who my true friends were and who was willing to help.

All I can say is that your followers and fans will not be there to pick up the car finance you have when things go belly up. When I look back now I can see that being homeless was the best thing that ever happened to me, I no longer buy things to impress other people, I don’t spend money that I don’t have and I use my money to make it work for me instead of me working for my money. If you want to become rich, first of all you need to understand the reason why this is your main aim as your money won’t last forever and at some point, it could all be taken away. Find happiness within yourself and I promise you that whatever else in life you want you will have. Happiness cannot be bought, and it certainly cannot be replaced.”

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