Make your pain your biggest strength: Versari James

Make your pain your biggest strength: Versari James

Versari James, all set to set on fire the music industry. What makes James the most admirable personality is his notions. He believes that “We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.” Highly motivated with this kind of energy, he came up with his chore and did it undoubtedly well. His passion for songwriting came in through at a very early age.

Currently based in Adelaide, Australia, Versari James grew up experiencing a lot of violence. Seeing gruesome barbarity like stabbing of father at an early age, made him quieter and enervated. But all these emotions kept growing up inside him and framed the strong base for music that we listen to through his music today. His profound and emphatic lyrics demonstrate a passionate and sensitive artist. James music has the power to provoke a wildfire in the hearts of his listeners. But as the world is grappled by this pandemic and with more people sitting at home and having easy access to music software it has become very difficult to survive in the music industry. This has made it a really tough game for real singers.

Versari James has an extraordinary skill of cutting straight through to the core of his listeners’ emotions. His songs have this astoundingly warm and homely vibe. Indeed, connecting with the listeners is the key to soulful music. A song can be catchy, smooth, melodious, or anything but if there is bad communication with the listener’s feelings, no matter how good is the music, it can still go down.

His latest musical art piece, called “I’m here now”, is out on various platforms and has already garnered 23k YouTube views. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then go and check it out, for it will fill your aura with all sorta positive vibes.

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