Saloni Sharma on the path to become a Psychologist

Saloni Sharma on the path to become a Psychologist

Psychology is tremendously moving forward in today’s time period and is surely going to rule the future because it is giving people a new way to seek help for their emotional and behavioral issues. Becoming a psychologist is a noble profession as it all about helping people to become a best version of themselves. Today there are a lot of people who are doing really wonderful in the field of psychology and one such person is Saloni Sharma.

Born on 20th March 1998 in Haryana, India. Saloni Sharma is currently pursuing her masters in clinical psychology. While being in class 11th in 2015 she dreamt to become a psychologist. She completed her schooling in 2016 and moved forward towards her journey by getting admission in University Of Delhi where she pursued applied psychology honors and stayed focused for three years and completed the same in 2019. As she always walks on a focused path she chose to do her masters in clinical psychology from Amity University, Noida.

At one hand she was learing the importance and lessons of psychology and on the other hand she did internships for taking a practical knowledge for the same. First she applied for internship from Moolchand Hospital, Delhi. After that she went to Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, After being a part of Sir Gangaram Hospital she joined khushboo welfare society which is based in Gurugram where she helped children with special needs and the last but not the least she went to Fortis, Gurugram for helping people to fight against behavioral issues. Saloni was also a part of “Smartgram initiative” a project by Pranav Mukherjee Foundation.

Not even this, She aspires to provide her services to the people who can’t afford and who are not even aware of their psychological issues by opening special centres for them. She also gives coaching to the students of class 11th and 12th for psychology.

We wish her best of luck for her future.

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