Misagh Daraei emphasizes the importance of energy auditing

Misagh Daraei emphasizes the importance of energy auditing

The planning and operation of energy consumption and production for corporate leaders in manufacturing has begun to call for considerable evaluation and improved initiatives for efficiency as organizations look for new approaches to conserve. With fossil fuels in short supply, several large-scale manufacturers seek to reduce dependence while looking to reduce overall company costs, risks, and carbon emissions.

Misagh Daraei has contributed to the ever-growing field of energy management through his research and practice in energy auditing, where he monitors energy efficiency and organizational sustainability for large manufacturing companies while introducing new efforts to manage energy consumption. Daraei implements strategies to manage energy consumption and costs for various organizations on a routine basis.

Daraei says his energy management strategies are developed on an individual basis according to organizational needs which could range from daily, monthly, to yearly evaluation and reconstruction. Daraei is an expert in managing the risks associated with the redevelopment of operational strategy with a strong reputation for identifying potential pitfalls associated with energy conservation measures.

Daraei says the energy markets can be unpredictable and unrelenting, therefore increasing the need for intelligent strategies that are regularly evaluated; his strategies often include redevelopment of organizational vision and production to include energy impacts, monitoring energy at every level, and incorporating sustainable energy technologies. Daraei has a history of successful strategic planning for large manufacturing companies and is known for his contributions to PhD research in energy management.  

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