Sohel Asmal: From working at a top Food Chain to a Vlogger

Sohel Asmal: From working at a top Food Chain to a Vlogger

Life for Sohel Asmal has been a roller coaster but at the end it has gone smooth as he emerged as a successful entrepreneur and a Vlogger in Ontario, Canada.  He wanted to be a cricketer when he was young, but things did not work and he headed to Canada at the age of 21. He hails from a small village near Surat in Gujarat. He was good in cricket and was even selected for under 19 District level cricket. He continued playing cricket in college playing at higher levels. 

However, destiny had some other plans for him. The circumstances did allow him to continue with cricket and play for the country. He got the chance to shift to Canada and started working with a restaurant as a cashier and soon got the chance to work in a world largest food chain promoting as a General Manager. While he also started his Vlog on YouTube in 2016 to try something in leisure. He kept on doing vlogging on various issues and also gave up his job in 2018 to follow his passion. 

He then commenced his own venture in the transport business and started doing Vlogging on a full time basis. He got a good response and thus decided to stick to his passion and the work he loved. Today he is among a popular man on social media, he is being followed by many. He got married to a lady called Asma who he got married in 2019. As he met her for the first time, she found his true love in the lady. Now, he is a happy man doing things which he loved a lot in Canada.

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