The most profitable investment from the point of view of ” Elham Salari “, the most successful investor and entrepreneur

The most profitable investment from the point of view of ” Elham Salari “, the most successful investor and entrepreneur

One of the best and most profitable areas of investment in Iran is related to the stock market. Investing in the stock market is very important for any country. Because, unlike bank deposits, it contributes to the prosperity of manufacturing companies and ultimately the economic growth and development of the country. The highest returns in the last year are related to the stock market. Of course, in addition to high efficiency, its risks and dangers must also be considered. Entering the stock market without knowledge and expertise will cause nothing but losses.

Fortunately, arrangements have been made in this area to protect those who are unaware of the trade; For example, we can mention portfolio management companies. These companies, with the help of experienced experts, buy and sell stocks with your capital. Mutual funds are also a good option for beginners. In this way, the person indirectly invests in the stock market and is largely safe from its risks and dangers. There are different types of mutual funds in the stock market that are divided into three groups.

The fixed income fund uses a large part of individuals’ capital (75-95%) to buy and sell securities. The profit of this fund is not completely fixed and is accompanied by minor changes. The risk of investing in these funds is very low and is similar to bank deposits. With the difference that there is no time limit and the person can access his capital at any time.

To increase their return on fixed income, mixed funds allocate a smaller portion of capital (40-60%) to the purchase of securities. The rest of the capital is also used in the stock market. The risk is higher than a fixed income fund. For this reason, people investing in this field should be a little risky.

Investor Fund

This method has the highest return and risk of mutual funds. The reason for the high return and risk of this fund is the investment of people’s assets in the stock market. Therefore, market conditions play an effective role in profit. Risk-takers who seek high returns on their capital usually turn to mutual funds.

Many people tend to keep their money in cash. Of course, maintaining cash is not very economical due to rising inflation and the devaluation of the national currency. But by converting it into foreign currencies, its devaluation can be largely avoided. Today, the dollar is the most important international currency and the reference of trade between most countries. That’s why many investors buy dollars. Of course, in the past year, the price of the dollar has fluctuated a lot. For this reason, you should buy and sell with awareness. Any negligence can cause huge losses.

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