The new Romantic number for the young as well as the old: VDJ Royal’s new song number ‘Tujhe Yaad Karta Hoon’ on the way to create wonders

The new Romantic number for the young as well as the old: VDJ Royal’s new song number ‘Tujhe Yaad Karta Hoon’ on the way to create wonders

Music soothes even a dispirited mood. And, when people can relate to the words of the songs, they live the songs thus enlivening their moods. Not all numbers can create wonders, however a few really blends with our life. One such magical artist is VDJ Royal, popularly known as Mashup Master who with his musical creation has won the hearts of the masses. The 24-year-old young and passionate DJ and a renowned Music Producer from Delhi is all set to rock again with his new number ‘Tujhe Yaad Karta Hoon’ and hit unstoppable Likes. The song is with the speed wings to touch the hearts of music lovers and the people in love with romantic songs.

The song ‘Tujhe Yaad Karta Hoon’ is written and produced by VDJ Royal. It is mesmerizingly voiced by singer Chetan Sati and is expected to reach the huge music fans and become music lovers’ favourite. The process of screening the song is on the way and would be soon available on Spotify and on Royal’s YouTube channel. VDJ Royal’s channel is having a huge fan following of 1.5 million subscribers on youtube and more than 350 million viewership. The lyrics and music of ‘Tujhe Yaad Karta Hoon’ is entertaining as well as touching with its meaningful words ornamented with catching rhythm.

VDJ Royal never could realize that his musical creativity would lead to the peaks of growth passion. Although his success was not easy, yet his constant devotion to music today has made him a star of the Music World.

VDJ Royal creates mashups, remixes and composes music for original songs. Many of his remixes have been featured in radio Mirchi’s Chowki Club Mirchi, the favourite of the youths. VDJ aims to start his own Production House and his plans are in the pipeline. He started his channel in the year 2017 when he was in the college which today is flooded with implemented the concept of mashing up and remixing songs through his own creative talent. He began with blending English and Hindi songs. He named his concept of remixing the songs as ‘Holly Bolly Mashup’. Soon his videos reaached millions of hearts. VDJ Royal has also worked with Mikka Singh, Urvashi Rautela and many other Bollywood stars. He has also worked recently with Sukhbir Singh as a DJ.

The Mashup Master is a graduate from Shivaji College, Delhi University with English Honours. He is a verified artist on a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider Spotify.

Now, his new musical number ‘Tujhe Yaaf Karta Hoon’ is on its way to touch the hearts of millions of music lovers. The lyrics carry deep emotions with the added beauty of melodious music. The incredible tune enhanced by the soothing voice of the singer Chetan would indeed amaze the listeners. A music lover must not miss enjoying this fantastic romantic number which is going to be launched very soon. So, count your heartbeats and wait for the release of VDJ Royal’s upcoming magical number ‘Tujhe Yaad Karta hoon’.

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