This Company has been changing the narrative …… [ outraged over George Floyd killing ]

A south London based media company is refusing to document police brutality via its main source page @innacityhq.

A spokesman for Innacity UK said: ” It is no doubt we are in times of adversity. But the times we are in are not new ! ” “People have just become more desensitised to them.” For this purpose alone . We are sticking to are current form of operation ! Which means upliftment! And positivity “

” Many emotions have risen and tempers very much shortened ! ” Therefore we want to share images of power and strength , As there are enough images of destruction and division”.
“we are a platform of investors in youth and we believe music is a release and a reflection of their reality and surroundings! ” Anything we share will be how they feel about what is going on ! And what they can do to make themselves and the world around them a better place”.
“Life Is short .. so why would we continuously share images of people who look like them getting there lives cut even shorter?” “especially when thats something they’ve seen growing up and most of their lives. ” Is that going to make them stronger or weaker?” . “Ill leave that for you to decide… the spokesman added. ” We are currently creating courses for young adults in London to learn how to film , graphic design , Dj mix and master and also turn their skills in to a business , revolutionise there strengths and share their amazing talents to the world”.

Arrests nationwide as U.S. sees fifth day of protests over George Floyd’s death

Protests over George Floyd’s death continued for a fifth day Saturday following another night of violent unrest in Minneapolis and St. Paul and other cities across the U.S. Arrests have been made across the country. 
Minnesota’s governor has fully mobilized the state’s National Guard, and the Pentagon has put military police on alert to go to Minneapolis. The units are on notice to return to their bases within 30 minutes, which is the last alert stage before actually receiving an order, CBS News’ David Martin reports. 
Officials have called for calm and for an end to looting. 

Full coverage of George Floyd’s death and protests around the country

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