When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

When the odds are stacked against you and there is an uphill road ahead, many choose to dwell on a path most travelled and often go unnoticed.

There are a selected few who go against the wind and set charters to explore uncharted territories in a quest to excel.

One such individual who rose the ranks in the industry as an entrepreneur with his sheer hard work, grit and determination along with some out of the box ideas is Todd Stephenson.

Todd Stephenson along with his entrepreneur friend Zach Zelner orchestrated the company namely Pus Socks in 2017 as a startup to reach out to all the animal enthusiasts in the US and globally. The idea was to create a memory for the animals that stays with them and is unique in its kind. The idea got an overwhelming response and the company was able to sell merchandise worth $2, 00,000 during its initial 6 months.

Pup Socks customized socks, ties, tote bags, shoes, and mugs of love with pre-printed photos of your pets adding style, cuteness and funkiness to the items which creates memories for a lifetime.

Pup Socks, as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility have been actively partnering with varied charities like Ahimsa House to create shelters for homeless pets. The idea is to not only enhance customer experience but also give back to society.

A dollar is donated out of each purchase made for feeding a pet for a day and $50 for medical prevention of a pet for three months are some of the initiatives that have helped the company grow its customer base and create a life-long bond with the animal lovers.

The success mantra that Todd Stephenson points out for creating a successful business are

Take the Risk When it matters most

Always try to explore unexplored areas and take some risks early in life and it can pay off well in the days to come.

Hold your Finances Tight and Optimise Resources

Chalk out an extensive plan and hold tight to your expenses. Great companies have found means and ways to make optimum use of resources to make businesses strong and help them survive in the longer run. The current situation amidst the Corona Pandemic can be really testing times for companies as inflows dry down however you still have to take care of your workforce, partners and other external clients.

Value your employees

Employees are the backbone of any company and help it function like a well-oiled unit. While they need to be respected, groomed and motivated to excel ,the leader has to back them in testing times with financial and emotional stability.

Out of the Box Thinking

You don’t dig a well in a desert however you certainly can create a well in an oasis if required. You need to brainstorm regularly with others. There may be a great idea hidden somewhere in your brain.

Giving it back to society

When you help the society by contributing to your capacity, the society pays you back three-folds. Every great entrepreneur has always come ahead and done his bit for a noble cause and everyone should try to emulate this in their life.

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