Kickstarter campaign for the ChatGPT-powered XNote Smart Notebook raises $200,000

Kickstarter campaign for the ChatGPT-powered XNote Smart Notebook raises $200,000

On Kickstarter, the XNote smart notebook is now available for purchase. The new notebook has reportedly raised over $200,000 in backing and is compatible with ChatGPT. As it nears its end, the XNote crowdfunding campaign has been a success. It is anticipated that the model will start shipping in February 2024.


XNote is a smart notebook that scans handwritten notes and digitizes them using an XNote app and smart pen that go with it. Moreover, written notes can be mirrored onto a paired smartphone. Through Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, the smartpen can be linked to a smartphone. It then uses SHA-256 encryption to synchronize stored data to servers. Writing assignments and calendar appointments can be automatically recognized and categorized by XNote. More than 50 languages are supported by the device, increasing its versatility.

Along with providing a variety of AI features, the XNote can use ChatGPT to generate summaries. The advanced technology of the smart notebook allows users to create study quizzes, request condensed note summaries, and query previous entries. A unique sensor built into the Smart Pen precisely records the writing style of the user. The distinctive patterns on the notebook are used to record each stroke, word, and doodle. Even though the plethora of AI features are limited to the $9/month XNote Premium subscription version, they are a significant differentiator for the device.


The Premium package from XNote is available for $59 a year at launch. On Kickstarter, the XNote combined bundle without a subscription costs $179. Together with the XNote Smart Pen, charging cable, five ink refill packs, and a month-long Premium subscription, this also comes with a pack.

The XNote’s successful Kickstarter campaign is proof that consumers find the new smart notebook appealing. It is anticipated that shipping expenses will push the XNote’s final cost above its $179 price tag.

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