The business tycoon who buys six rolls royce’s at a time is worth a mention indeed – Meet the man himself – Vikas Malu

The business tycoon who buys six rolls royce’s at a time is worth a mention indeed – Meet the man himself – Vikas Malu

Many car enthusiasts go out of their way to display their passion for luxury cars, but Vikas stands apart from those in a big way.

Vikas Malu comes from the family of biggest tobacco producing company in india. Their tobacco products Kuber and Mulchand have made a mark in the industry across the world.The business tycoon owns the largest tobacco processing unit in the UAE. Vikas is one such successful entreprenuer who has made India’s name shine across nations with his ever growing global presence. Apart from being a successful businessman he is also a hardcore car enthusiast who has a penchant for luxury cars.

In spite of having a fleet of luxury cars at his disposal, he is always in a bid to add a few more to his already sprawling collection of fancy wheels. His love for cars is such that he wouldn’t give a second thought before buying any of the expensive set of wheels If it catches his fancy. One such interesting incident is worth a mention which would enthral all.

On one of his visits to a luxury automobile showroom where he went to purchase a Rolls Royce Ghost for himself, having made the purchase his eyes fell on the mesmerizing Rolls Royce Phantom’s which were lined up in front of him. Without giving a second thought he booked all three which were in the front of his eyes. There was more to come after he took the ownership of these four cars. He says “I remembered that my son’s birthday was nearing and I had planned to surprise him with a gift which he would cherish for life, that’s when I thought that why not gift him a Rolls-Royce instead and that’s how I booked my fifth Rolls-Royce dawn”. To end his luxury cars buying spree he also booked a Rolls Royce Cullinan which he thought would look magnificient in his garage. This left the sales people at the showroom wide eyed having seen all their inventory go off the shelves at one go. It seemed like this was perhaps the most expensive car purchase in a day by a single person in history.

Vikas Malu is known for his impulsive decisions when it comes to his passion and this story has proved this to be right in every way.

The title of India’s most celebrated business tycoon truly suits him to the core.

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